Sunless V58 Unique



  • Hot Efficient Tubes – the tubes, which have a length of two metres, ensure a deep, even, all over tan.
  • Ambient FlowLight – the fading colour flow with a nearly inexhaustible range of colours provides an extra sense of atmosphere
  • Smart Cooling – a unique cooling system that reacts intelligently and efficiently to the temperature of the sunbed. It starts the sessions very quietly and the ideal feel-good temperature is soon reached in the sunbed.
  • Vibro Trainer – The vibro plate is fully adjustable and has been developed for whole body vibration, activating muscles and connective tissue, and increasing circulation to enhance tanning.


  • Qsens refreshing water mist – You are able to turn on a refreshing mist that is sprayed across the body at regular intervals in order to keep you cool during your tanning session.
  • MP3 Connection – Listen to your own music via an aux lead.
  • Vibro Trainer – An efficient solution to improve physical condition, body shaping, detoxification and wellness.